Mohini Beauty is a brand that bridges the gap between makeup and skincare, founded by Omoehi Ighodalo, an enthusiast of beauty in all its forms. It is a natural extension of its sister company launched in June 2015, The Mohini Experience; a custom wig and weaves retail store and salon in Lagos, Nigeria. Mohini Beauty was birthed out of a perceived gap in the market to create customer-centric beauty products for black women, by black women.


The name ‘Mo-hi-nī’ is an archetype in the history of Ancient India, portrayed as a femme fatale; a woman who is set apart by the grace and charm she exudes, one to be infatuated with. This is the essence of the Mohini Beauty brand; to set every muse apart, through the use of makeup as an enhancement accessory.


Our goal is to celebrate individuality by indulging every beauty craving. Whether you fancy a soft ‘woke up like this’ glow or a full ‘feeling myself’ glam, we are an inclusive, innovative, fresh and fun brand with the range for every ‘feel (need)’.

We have a budding community enabled by our blog and social media platforms, where we engage and drive conversation with fellow skincare and makeup lovers. Since launching in February 2020, we’ve intentionally spent time learning how best to serve our consumers. By keeping our community as the focal point and bringing them along on the creation journey, we ensure we only produce products you will love and care for.  You speak, and we listen !

“I’ve always been passionate about beauty and have tried many brands and products from skincare to makeup. Being a Nigerian woman, where beauty as both an art form and vocation is centred widely within our vibrant culture, I have always thought that there was just something missing. A Nigerian-owned brand that values its consumers and is exemplary in terms of quality, range and affordability of products. I birthed Mohini Beauty because I wanted to merge the best of both worlds; skincare and makeup, whilst allowing my consumers to have a say in the products they want and need. A brand that is not dictated by experts but the everyday conscious “artist”(users) who express their individuality with their face as the canvas; ranging from heavy glams to light beats. I wanted to create a beauty brand that emulated each individual’s style and for people to see beauty as an accessory in the same way we see jewellery or a handbag.”

- Omoehi Ighodalo