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5 Nigerian Female Owned Skin Care Brands

We probably all have our favourite foundation for our everyday makeup looks that we cannot possibly live without, but truth is, flawless skin will trump that bottle of Nars or Huda beauty foundation, any day and anytime as good skincare is the perfect foundation for your makeup. So it's safe to say that good skincare and makeup work hand in hand and compliment one another.

You probably would have noticed that there's been an upsurge in the amount of Nigerian skin care brands over the last few years. I’m sure we see a lot of them pop up from time to time on our Instagram pages, some pretty much established and some slowly navigating their way through the industry.

Before we dive into things, I think we should address and applaud the fact that most of these brands taking over the Nigerian skin care industry are female owned. What exactly can our women not do? We love to see it!

Let’s be honest, attaining good skin is so much more than “drinking water and minding your business,” as some people would say. I mean, yes drink your water, but with living in Nigeria and dealing with this Nigerian air, trust me, you're gonna need a lot more than just water and business minding to do the trick. You definitely need to equip your routine with certain products that will change the game for your skin, which is what some of these brands have been serving us with.

If you haven't heard of at least one of the skincare brands about to be mentioned, then you're definitely living under a rock, I suppose. Any idea of which of these brands have made it into our top 5? Take a guess.


Arami is a Nigerian Female owned skin care brand which places emphasis on the "less is more approach" by using African natural ingredients for their products. They stay away from ingredients which may be harmful to some skin types such as silicones, parabens, mineral oils and others harmful ingredients.

We'll give Arami bonus points here for creating products which double as both skin and hair products. Talk about multi tasking at its finest. Arami's best selling products are their Onxy Polish and Glow oil, both of which are definitely a must try.


The founder of Simisola Naturals explained how she always had very sensitive and dry skin and as a result of this, decided to venture into this industry. She started off with making body butters for herself and her family and friends before eventually making something bigger out of this, which is what we see now.

Simisola naturals goes beyond skincare and has slowly evolved into an overall wellness brand which aims to make natural and effective products to help people achieve their skin and wellness goals and most importantly, feel good about themselves.

"We source ingredients as intentionally as possible, and really try to re-invest in West Africa. For example, our Shea and cocoa butter are sourced exclusively from woman-owned businesses and co-ops in Nigeria and Ghana. We just want to empower people. All people. Our Customers, suppliers, and surrounding community"-Founder of SN

Simisola Naturals is a perfect example of women uplifting women and giving back to the community. Their bestsellers are their Simi and Tomi body betters. If you haven't tried any of these yet, bless your skin and do so asap!


Orma Skincare is a Nigerian Luxury skincare brand that deals with all skin types. Their ingredients are sourced mainly from Nigeria and are free of synthetic fragrances and parabens which make them highly suitable for all skin types.

Orma Skincare does not only create effective products, but they also provide skin care advice, consultations, information and even product reviews. It's safe to say they are giving us a very different experience from what we're used to here in Nigeria. I believe their Clay Mask should be in your cart right after reading this.


M Skin is a new skincare brand which recently launched this summer. Although very new, M skin has proven to give you the desired glow you're seeking for with their best seller product, Glow Forever oil. The Glow Forever is an oil which contains baobab oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and vitamin e oil. I guess we can call these ingredients the 7 wonders of the Glow Forever oil. This oil is perfect for anyone with dry and dull skin. So go on and add this to your cart and get your glow on sweetie.


Narganics is a natural based ingredient skin care and fragrance brand which was founded in 2017. Their products are 70 - 100 percent natural and organic and are also hand made from scratch in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. All their formulas are created and tested before it's let out for public consumption. Their Gold Infused Elixir is definitely a product to write home about.

After reading this, I think it's safe to say our Nigerian women have this whole skin care industry in their pockets. You're all doing great sweeties!

Love MB x

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