#BeautyRoundUp - August 2020

[Monthly Favourites]

Welcome to #BeautyRoundUp! Every month, we'll be sharing some of our favourite beauty products. The lists consist of everything; from skincare, to makeup, to haircare. Products we've tried and we love, and products some of you have said you love too. So, here are some August Faves, and don't hesitate to share some of yours with us!

An Exfoliating Serum - Bolden Nighttime Repair Serum

"I'm really loving this product! It makes my skin look healthier and I feel like it's gradually fading out my acne scars. I have a different glow to my skin now because of this, something I'd definitely purchase again." - T

Mousse To Keep The Flyaways In Place - Vo5 Hair Mousse

"Nobody likes a wig that isn't sleek or flat. This mousse gets me together right quick, flyaways and everything. Especially for times when my wig has been stored in silk bags for too long, it does the trick." - F.A

A Brightening, Soothing Toner - Good Molecules Niacinamide Toner

"Ran out of my old toner, decided to try this and wheeewww, it has changed the game for me. It is soo soothing, and it is really doing bits with my skin. My skin looks brighter, more even and it has literally become my holy grail product." - O

The Perfect No-Makeup Makeup Concealer - Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

"Loving this concealer a lot more, now that I'm not really into foundation. It works for the days when I'm on the go, and gives me the clean, fresh, easy look I'm going for. Definitely a fave, especially with this heat." - A.O

A Brightening Serum That Gives Your Skin The Extra Glow - Caudile Vinoperferct Serum

" Recently added this to my routine, and the brightening effect the next morning is A1" - A

Love, MB x

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