Body type? What's that?

It's no shock that we're all built differently, which is why knowing your body type can be essential. For anyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight or gain weight, knowledge of your body type can determine what you should be eating and how you should be exercising.

Luckily Tobi Ojora ( @tonewithtobi ) was nice enough to give us a thorough break down of the different body types and everything we should be doing for our body type.


These people are built like marathon runners; they find it hard to gain muscle and fat, have fast metabolisms and are long and lean.

If i'm an ectomorph, what should i be doing at the gym?

  • Focus on compound exercise, they use more than one muscle group at a time, but don’t completely shun isolation exercises! Use them as an add on to ‘garnish’ your workout.

examples of some compound exercises are: squats, lunges, pull ups etc.

For a total body burn with compound exercises:

As an ectomorph, what should i be eating?

  • While you can get away with eating more carbs than the others, dont over do it and try to stick to complex carbs! Also be sure to add lots of protein to your diet. Consider adding supplements and protein powders for an extra boost.


These people are wider and stockier and although they store more muscle than other people, this comes with more fat, particularly in the lower half of their bodies. They also have a slower metabolism and find it difficult to stay lean.

If i'm an endomorph, what should i be doing at the gym?

  • Focus on intense aerobic exercise by prioritising HIIT* over LISS*. Try to train your whole body with compound exercises but again add isolation exercises here and there. Also include muscle building to your workout plan with heavy weights and low reps. These will keep your metabolism high so that you are still burning fat post workout !

HIIT* - high intensity interval training

LISS* - low intensity steady state

examples of some isolation exercises are: back extensions, calf raises, bicep curls etc.

If you're looking for a tonewithtobi HIIT exercise:

As an ectomorph, what should i be eating?

  • Don’t cut out carbs completely (NEVER cut out whole food groups) just try to reduce the amount, and of course prioritise complex carbs. Also add more protein to your diet (that is if you don’t already have enough) and make sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep and are not over training! Too much stress is part of what causes additional fat around your midsection.

Here are some complex carbs:

ARE YOU A MESOMORPH ? These people have an athletic build. They are lean but they also have defined muscles.

If i'm a mesomorph, what should i be doing at the gym?

  • Lift moderately; not too heavy and not too light, and combine this with aerobic exercises to keep your heart rate up. You will also find it a little easier to build muscle than ectomorphs and to lose weight than endomorphs.

For a nice superset, try this:

As a mesomorph what should i be eating?

  • Add equal amounts of fat and protein to your diet and a moderate amount of complex carbs to keep your energy high and to give you fuel.

Now that we're all at home, we have a little cheat sheet that can help us keep fit and stay healthy (which will help boost our immune system).

"Of course there isn’t a one size fits all; you might think you are somewhere in between or even a combo of two but hopefully this should help you adjust your plan and maximise your results"

Tobi has lots of workouts on her instagram page @tonewithtobi so if you ever find yourself bored while #socialdistancing why don't you try some of her workouts. Now you know which ones work best for your body type! She also does personalised plans, so if you're tryna hit a certain goal for the post-corona turn up, send her a message!

Hope everyone is home and doing everything to stay safe and healthy! Looking forward to saying bye to #MissRona ASAP.

Love, Moheen x

instagram: @moheeeeen

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