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Everything You Need To Know About Our New Collection

It's been a long and tough year for a lot of us, so as the year rounds up, we've decided to top it off with our biggest drop to date. We'll be dropping not one, but three different products which are must-haves for everyone's makeup bag as we jet into the new year, in style of course. These products will be available from 5/12/20.


The Sahel Palette is Mohini Beauty's first ever eyeshadow palette. Sahel is named after the Sahel desert which is literally the source of inspiration behind everything, from the colors to the design.

Most deserts lack all the essentials we need in life, but the Sahel Palette literally gives us all the essentials we need for our makeup looks. There are 9 shadows for almost every type of look. This palette is great for both beginners and experts.


Everyone wants a blush that's black girl friendly and one that's not too powdery on the skin. Well, God bless Mohini, because we've got you all covered.

We are introducing 3 different shades for our first drop. Confused about which you'll be getting? Let's break them all down for you.

- Berry Martini : A deep darkish burgundy pink for dark skin tones that adds dimension to your face but can also act as a contour shade for lighter skin tones.

-Mimosa Sunrise: A deep orange blush to warm up your complexion and brighten up your look. It works well on all skin tones.

-Pink Cosmo: This is the perfect pink to give you those rosy cheeks. It mimics your natural flush and adds vibrancy to your look.

It's really the diversity in the range of these shades for me.


Did you guys think we were actually gonna leave you without brushes for your eye shadow and blush? We have 5 exciting new brushes to kick up your makeup routine to the next level. Our Blush Brush, Flat Brush, Buffing Brush, Angle Blending Brush and, Crease Blending Brush is everything you need and more.

I think now we can definitely come to terms and agree to the fact that Mohini Beauty is the gift that keeps on giving. With that being said, this whole collection needs to be added to your make-up routine asap, for that stunning beat. Happy shopping lovelies and have a wonderful holiday. Muah!

Love, MB xx

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