steam pods & i why i'm a major stan

steam pods are basically hair straighteners with integrated water 'tanks'. the steam works with the straightener, so when you press the plates on your hair, steam is released from the small outlets, which straighten the hair.

i really love steam pods because they reduce the damage done to your hair overtime, and because i wear wigs a lot , i try to maintain them in the best way possible so they last as long as they can tbh.

steam pods straighten hair by diffusing water into the hair's cuticles before smoothing the hair with heat. this is different from regular straightener's because it doesn't strip your hair of its moisture, so when it's straightened, it's soft and silky. also making it perfect for your natural hair if you ever wanted to get it straightened #lessheatlessdamage. steam pods will have your hair looking twice as snatchedt in a shorter period of time than your straightener's would.

so if this is not a good enough reason for you to come to the good side, i don't know what is!

however, if you change your mind and want to make the switch, here are some of my favourite steam pods:

1. iGutech steam pod (£38.75)

2. L'oreal steam pod (£153.75)

3. Kemei steam straightener (£23.95)

if you're ever looking a wig plug too, i'm your girl! -

instagram: @mohiniexperience

Love, moheen x

insta: @moheeeeen

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