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The Hype Behind Graphic Liquid Liners

Eye makeup just got a bit more colorful and fun thanks to one of the biggest trends of 2020, the 'liquid liner phenomenon'. What we were most likely to only catch during runways or even editorial shoots has now become a staple in literally everyone's to go look. We're absolutely loving this trend so much and you guys are too, so we've decided to launch our very own liquid liner collection. Safe to say we'll have you all looking like something straight out of Ariana Grande's God is a woman music video or Euphoria.

MB Super Stay Colored Liner Collection Shoot

Take a breath of fresh air because for once, your undertones don't matter when trying to pick out what color eyeliner to use - I personally know how complicated matching products with your undertones can get. Picking a color literally depends on your mood. Are you going for something loud, something subtle, or something to strictly just match your outfit? No rules, it's all up to you!

Popular celebrity makeup artist, Katie Hughes attributes the popularity of the liquid liner trend to the rise of minimalism in the makeup world as its a fun way to inject a bit of color into a neutral, better yet, a minimal makeup look. Imagine a minimal makeup look that's still giving 'VOGUE'?

As we are still very much in a pandemic and have to keep our masks on most of the time, what better way to keep our makeup creative than graphic liquid liners? Whether its bright neon colors, dark but bold colors, adding gems or even integrating all these into one look, point is, there's endless possibilities when it comes to a great eyeliner look. This is why we're giving you 8 different colours to pick from the Super Stay Coloured Liner Collection out on the 21st of May. In the meantime, check out some of what to expect from our upcoming collection and range of colors.

See you in a few weeks when the liners drop.

Love MB xx

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