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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

With everyone stuck indoors self-isolating, now is the time to organise and get rid of the junk at home! Cleaning always helps to calm me down and makes me feel like my life has been re-configured. If you're like me and you tend to buy a lot of makeup & skincare products #junkieandproud you know its hard to get rid of some expensive items especially when they haven't finished.

However holding on to skincare & beauty products that are expired, is doing you more harm than good. An article published in the international journal of science in 2013 studied the habits of women and make-up. The results showed that 97.9% of women have used make-up past their expiration date and it was mostly eye-makeup (mascara) which was contaminated.

Beauty products don't actually have an expiry date, so finding out when they are past their prime is not as straightforward as it should be. Most beauty products have a 'period after opening' symbol, and not an expiry date. Its usually a number followed by an 'M' on an open jar. This is basically

telling you how many months after opening a product you should get rid of it. So if this was on a product, ideally 6 months after opening it, whether it's finished or not, you should throw it away. It's always hard to remember these things because the PAO symbol is almost always on the boxes which you never keep. It's also hard to remember when you open your products.

If you're as extra as me, I found an app that helps you log your skincare products (you can probably use it for makeup too), and it lets you log your routine as well. It's called "Shelfie Skincare Routine" and i love it! Knowing when your product expires is really important, especially for skincare because the ingredients will deteriorate and eventually stop working.

But.. if you're not as extra, and you really can't be bothered, below is guideline for you to follow.


Foundation & Concealer - 6 months to a year

tip: having a pump on your foundation bottle makes it last longer because it keeps the product from getting contaminated by any dirt or bacteria, and you also tend to use less when you have a pump. if your foundation doesn't have a pump, amazon has some good ones!

{Foundation Pump - £5.66}

Lipgloss, Lipstick & Lip Pencils - 1 to 2 years

tip: disposable applicators for lipgloss, lipstick and concealers help them last longer, because you avoid mixing a lot of bacteria.

Blush, eyeshadow & powder-based products - 2 years

tip: eyeshadows can last long but should be replaced often, because it's used around your eyes (bacteria).

Mascara & Eyeliner - 3 to 5 months

tip: don't pump your mascara, it makes it get dry faster. once your mascara gets dry, throw it out!

- replacing your mascara regularly will reduce your risk of eye infections, and try not to share!


Cleanser - 1 year

Moisturisers & Serums - 6 months to 1 year

Toners - 6 months to 1 year

Exfoliants - 1 year

Preservative-free products - 3 to 6 months

Make sure you store your products in cabinets and not in direct sunlight.

Make sure you screw the cap on tightly on all your products (let's prevent bacteria)

Climate can affect your products, so make sure you store in a cool, dry place.

Happy organising!

moheen x

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